Baby Got Back

I opened my computer today to find one of the most exciting news stories EVER…! No, it wasn’t the news that Iran and six world powers had actually made some progress in their discussions regarding Iran’s nuclear endeavors. And it wasn’t that the most popular car color in America is still SILVER, though that is very exciting and news worthy.

See related article:

It was this: Baby Born with Second Penis on Back

Whhhaaaaat?! Huuuuhhh?! Why does nothing cool like this ever happen to me or anyone I know?!

The baby boy was born in China with a rare condition doctors call, “Fetus in Fetu (FIF)”. I prefer the term,”Double-sided Commie Dildo” but that’s just me. The extra manhood bestowed upon this young one is a symbol of luck in the Chinese culture as the number TWO is thought to bring very good things… There is even an old Chinese saying, “good things come in pairs.” Yes, yes they do. 

I was even more excited to discover that there are photos! The following may be graphic in nature, so if you have a weak stomach or, if you’re like any other woman in this world and tend to think the male genitalia is visually insulting and disturbing, prepare yourself…


The good news is, he just made the Reverse Cowboy a whole lot easier, he’s going to have more threesomes in his lifetime than Eric Dane and Senn Penn put together, and he’s Asian so he was probably going to need the extra help later in life anyway. God bless him.

Please send your favorite captions…this one is too good not to leave a comment.



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3 responses to “Baby Got Back

  1. I’m not sure any comment I come up with would ever do your post justice. Suffice to say though, I have everyone here on set in stitches. Of laughter, that is.

  2. sweetriver

    Iknow there is a great joke here somewhere about this dude growing up and titty fucking that chick from total recall but its escaping me. So ill leave a couple quick comments…

    “Maybe that will help him drive better”

    *one day in a therapists office, 2016

    “My uncle touched me down there…and back there”

  3. Dr.

    He can totally:

    1. “scratch his back” against a wall and jack off at the same time – no one would know
    2. Not have to pay extra for an “oil finish” or “happy ending”, and just get the regular back message rate in K-Town.
    3. can pee on people unassumingly. He’d just have to wear a tank top. Think about it.

    Literal terms to avoid:
    “I don’t have eyes on the back of my head”
    “Kick Back”

    Terms he can soley use
    back shaft

    There are more I know… but I have to get “back to the grind….”

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