Whatever The F#@! I Want

That’s what this blog is all about. Essentially I needed a place where I could exercise my freedom of speech, get things off my chest, make fun of people, share my point of view, discuss meaningless gossip, complain about the national climate, and bitch about anything and everything that comes to mind. And hey…it’s cheaper than therapy.


6 responses to “Whatever The F#@! I Want

  1. jennifer quinlan


  2. Jason

    Hey – it was good meeting you and your sis at Alibi room. Your blog is hilarious.. you need to update more often. =)

  3. Stephanie

    I read your spec script Shared Fare. Love it. Stayed up till 2am just to read it. I’m an aspiring screenwriter, so i really enjoyed learning a little more about writing a good script.

    • harmanhouse

      thanks so much stephanie. keep writing.

      • Stephanie

        How did you get started? Would you recommend submitting scripts to competitions? Since I don’t have an agent or manager, It seems that submitting to competitions is the next best thing. I have a ton of script ideas written down, some completed and others just half way there. Have you ever been in the middle of a script and then suddenly you get inspiration for another story? It happens to me ALL the time. That’s why I have so many half done projects. How do you stay focused? Sorry so many questions! I’m new to this, but the passion is there. I value the opinion of someone whose been there and done that. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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